Your unusual RELAXING experience...

"D'Hôme" definition :

To protect someone,Invented word,

Born from the combinaison of two words : dome and home

"Dome" for the form of the accommodation, and "Home" for the feeling of

Well-being, soothing and letting go felt from the first moments spent in your home


To make your stay even more unique, from July 2022, Alpin D'Hôme will also offer an exceptional ‘SPA’ facility: a vast d'Hôme dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

In this giant dome spanning more than 200 m², everything has been designed to offer a calm moment that you will remember.

The main entrance is on the mezzanine where there is a large, central, semi-circle counter to welcome those who are staying in a d'Hôme as well as those who would simply like to use the well-being area.

This mezzanine, with its panoramic glass roof will be used to serve breakfast. At any time of the day, you can come for a drink and a take in the exceptional view of the mountains and why not take time for a manicure?

A staircase made of a thousand sheets of wood will lead to the ground floor of the d'Hôme where there are two massage rooms where you will be pampered, either on you own or with someone else, a steam bath, a sauna and a herbal tearoom.

Outside, whatever the season, you will be able to unwind in the Scandinavian baths or the sauna.

Wrapped in your bathrobe, you’ll be able to lie on a lounger and get some sunshine on the large D'Hôme Spa terrace.