Gift voutchers

Do you want to please your loved ones?

Offer them the Alpin d'Hôme experience with the Gift Voucher !


You choose the amount of your gift voucher

To obtain a Gift Voucher, complete the form below. We will respond to you very quickly!

We will send you in return, our IBAN for the payment, then your personalized GIFT VOUCHER by email.


* Our gift vouchers are valid for 2 years and are not refundable.


A night in a dome costs between €399 and €699 in winter and €249 to €399 the rest of the year. A night in a Finnish Kota costs between €249 and €299 in winter and between €149 and €249 the rest of the year.

The people holding a gift voucher will contact us and can either use their gift voucher if the amount corresponds or add it if the gift voucher is not sufficient. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information directly