The sun disappears behind the peaks,
As you settle into your d'Hôme.
A novel parenthesis,
Clinging to the mountainside,
Your cocon mingles with nature and the stars.
For a night,
Surrounded by the larch trees, green in summer, snow-covered in winter,
Lap up in the coolness and altitude,
In the comfort of our Alpin d'Hôme hotel.

Our wildest dream...

As unusual accommodation goes, each year provides further opportunities to satisfy the desire for novel getaways and extraordinary experiences. Cabins, yurts, barges, bubbles, gypsy caravans, etc. 

Seven years ago, Eric and his family enjoyed a unique experience, which was a real catalyst for them.

It led to the creation of Alpin D'Hôme. 

The first step: find the ideal location!

Coming from the Hautes-Alpes and having grown up in Embrun, the Orres ski resort, at an altitude of 1800 m was the natural choice to set up our d'hômes. 

In this context, more specific steps were to follow, starting with official approval to prepare the land. Then came year-round surveys on the fauna and flora in order to reduce and compensate for any environmental impacts.

This meant we needed to choose constructions that could be easily integrated into the landscape while providing the charm of a hotel room. We opted for geodesic domes, which met these requirements. The interiors were entirely designed with well-being in mind.  

For almost three years, the family held on to their dream of creating a d'hômes village with comfort in perfect harmony with nature.

From December 2019, nine d'hômes will be available, with 2 new d'hômes planned for December 2021 along with a 200 m² spa offering sauna, steam bath, Scandinavian baths, Jacuzzi, massage rooms, manicure facilities and a herbal tearoom.

To thank those who have supported us in this pursuit, the family would like to name each room after a person who helped to bring the project to fruition.


A D'Hôme for me...

Our d'hômes are luxury 40 m² rooms (excluding the mezzanine), with an original and innovative design, intended for contemplating nature thanks to a vast 160° transparent surface.

Each d'hôme is mounted on a raised platform to compensate for the slope of the land. This provides a private panoramic terrace so you can fully appreciate the mountain views.

Inside, the combination of wood and transparency creates a mountain chalet atmosphere that is bright during the day and cosy at night. In addition to the underfloor heating, a pellet-burning stove will bring warmth to your relaxing, contemplative evenings.

While there is an obvious feeling of communion with nature in our room, you will also benefit from all the necessary facilities that will enhance your stay. In just a few minutes, using the pathway, you will reach the restaurant and shops of Les Orres 1800 (Bois Méan) and Les Orres 1650 (resort centre).

If you are a skiing enthusiast, you could hardly find a more practical location as one of the resort’s 40 slopes runs alongside the d'hômes village: 100 km of slopes await you! 

Besides Les Orres, the Hautes-Alpes Department also has a number of must-visit sites: the Serre-Ponçon Lake, the Écrins National Park, the citadel in Briançon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the fort in Montdauphin, the Gap Tallard airstrip, the Izoard Pass, the Queyras area, to name a few.


Relax! Alpin D'Hôme will take care of everything!

Every afternoon, to further enhance your stay, Alpin D'Hôme prepares afternoon tea and delivers it to your room.

Whether you are a skier, snowboarder or snowshoer, top-of-the-range equipment can be made available to you by our partner.

Alpin D'Hôme staff provide a personalised welcome and they therefore also that your luggage is transferred and will cater to your needs.


An environmentally friendly approach

While we have ensured the perfect integration of our d'hômes by limiting their impact on the environment and the landscape, we would also like on-site operations to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

In keeping with our values and our commitments, we hope to raise awareness of Alpin D'Hôme’s sustainable development approach among our guests. For example, so as not to disrupt the animals, we have chosen to restrict lighting within the hotel. Furthermore, the suites can only be accessed on foot. By adopting an educational and responsible method, we hope to pass the natural heritage down to future generations.